Readmittance Request for On-Campus Programs

 If an undergraduate student has previously attended the university, a Readmittance Request is only required if the student’s absence from the university will be more than 3 consecutive terms (including summer).

Readmittance to undergraduate programs must be requested at least 6 weeks prior to the desired term start date:  

  • Spring 2022 Semester: October 1 (classes start January 10)
  • Summer 2022 Semester: February 1 (classes start May 9 )
  • Fall 2022 Semester:  February 1 (classes start August 29)

Students approved for readmittance will be assessed the current tuition rate and are responsible for any changes to their program of study that may have occurred during their period of absence. If the break in enrollment exceeds one year or more, the student's program of study may follow the requirements listed in the current year catalog. A review of previously awarded transfer credit will also be conducted and may be adjusted.

Students whose absence from the university was necessitated by reason of service in the US Armed Forces, including the National Guard or Reserve, should note such information on their readmittance request. In certain circumstances, specified readmittance criteria may not apply in accordance with applicable law. Refer to the university’s Readmission of Service Members policy in the Student Handbook.

Readmittance is not guaranteed, and is subject to availability of space and must satisfy additional readmittance criteria.

Students with an outstanding balance owed to the university must contact Billing & Collections at 401-598-4715 prior to submitting a request for readmittance.