What is the jwuSource Card?

It's a Bank Mobile Vibe Debit Mastercard. It's the fastest and most convenient way to securely get your money.

  • Its not a credit card - spend only what's available on your account.

  • Make purchases anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted, or use your card to withdraw cash from an Allpoint ATM.

  • Get free Bank Mobile checks that can be cashed or used to pay bills

Learn More

Learn more about full features, detailed benefits, terms and conditions and more. (We recommend, especially, that you take a look at the How To and Helpful Link sections.) 

Follow these Steps:


1. Request a Fund

Log into jwuLink (Finance page) and request a refund for the applicable academic year.

2. Specify how you want to receive your refund - Direct Deposit or jwuSource Card

Visit Bank Mobile Vibe with your personal code to access your account.


  • JWU does not process refunds until the fourth week of the term.

  • Parent Plus Loan refunds are mailed to the parent borrower.

Where do I manage my jwuSource Card or refund Choice?