What is the jwuSource Card?

It's a Money Network Prepaid Mastercard. It's the fastest and most convenient way to securely get your money.

  • Its not a credit card - spend only what's available on your account.
  • There are no overdraft, minimum balance or monthly service fees.
  • Make purchases anywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted, or use your card to withdraw cash from an ATM.
  • Get free money network checks that can be cashed or used to pay bills 
  • Plus, you can have a family member or employer load funds directly to your account


Learn More

Learn more about full features, detailed benefits, terms and conditions and more. (We recommend, especially, that you take a look at the How To and Helpful Link sections.) 

Follow these Steps:


1. Request a Fund

Log into jwuLink (Finance page) and request a refund for the applicable academic year.

2. Specify how you want to receive your refund - Direct Deposit or jwuSource Card

Visit and "Enroll now."


  • JWU does not process refunds until the fourth week of the term.
  • Parent Plus Loan refunds are mailed to the parent borrower; they are not refunded to the student.

Where do I manage my jwuSource Card or refund Choice?